Men’s and Women’s Sex Advice

Are you young and want to try out strange things in bed? Perhaps your relationship is suffering as a result of the same old routine? In any case, these sex tips for men will steer you in the right path and help you rediscover the joy of sex. Yes, they may appear easy and obvious at first glance, but that doesn’t imply they don’t function. Look for them and utilize them as a starting point to figure out what turns you and your significant other on.

Together, we watch porn.

Despite the prevalence and popularity of porn, couples may have difficulty discussing their quirks and turn-ons. Watching porn together is a great way to start this conversation. After all, if you see it, you have the right to discuss it. For example, if you’re viewing BDSM porn, you can use the opportunity to discuss each other’s boundaries and what each partner prefers as things come up in a scene. Take it carefully, assess the circumstances, and see whether your SO is open to the idea. Also, keep in mind that porn should not be used as a visual substitute for your lover, but rather to improve your relationship.

Tie Her Down

Getting tied up is one of the most prevalent sexual fantasies for women. The issue is that some men are too shy to try this out, which is unfortunate. Consider how much she might become turned on to help you conquer your fear. Furthermore, she’ll be willing to play along with your fantasies later on. You don’t have to start with complicated rope bondage; a set of cuffs, a tie used as a blindfold, or an old t-shirt to bind her hands would suffice.

Try out some Sex Toys.

If you haven’t already guessed, most women cannot orgasm from penetrative intercourse. Instead of being angry or irritated, purchase some sex toys for women and make sure she always cums. Even though individuals tend to believe along those lines, the absence of orgasm is not the responsibility of either partner. So, if all it takes is a vibrator to make both of you happy, don’t forget to charge the batteries.

Experiment with Roleplay Sex.

Role-playing is another thing that, when done correctly, may lead to some fantastic sex, but when avoided due to embarrassment or shyness, it can eventually ruin your love life. Consider this to be one of the best sex tips for men to try. As a result, if a cheerleading shirt, a nurse uniform, or a cosplay outfit gives you a massive boner, it’s time to speak out. However, roleplaying is more than just dressing up. As the name suggests, it’s all about taking on a part, acting out a fantasy, and, of course, having a great time while bonking your brains out.

Have Your Sex in Public

We’re sure you’ve seen a few public sex tapes, but don’t dismiss this concept just yet. You don’t have to turn heads and cause old ladies to scream in surprise while slamming your partner on a bus. Sneaking into a restroom and giving her a taste of your cock will suffice to get you both excited. If you’re worried about being caught, there are other low-risk ways to get it on in public. For example, having sex while hiking, sneaking into the thick bushes of a large park, or finding a deserted alley for a quick fuck.

The suggestions appear to be straightforward, don’t they? Then, if you haven’t already, try out these sex tips for men. They will aid in the creation of outstanding moments in your relationship.

Ideas for Foreplay

I guess we can speak for most guys when we say it doesn’t take much to make us horny. It could be as simple as seeing a woman in a bikini or a young lady in tight shorts. Women, as many of us discover, are different and, most of the time, require some warming up. Although a blitzkrieg approach combined with some BDSM can result in some insane sex, it’s always a good idea to have a few foreplay ideas and tricks under your sleeve. So, why not take a cue from the pros? Take a look at what pornstars say when asked, “What is your favorite foreplay?”

Is there a one-size-fits-all approach to foreplay? Obviously not. Regardless, there are some good responses here. Kiki Daire, on the other hand, seemed to have the most insight of all the interviewers. She believes that your ideas for foreplay should not be restricted to physical acts. Instead, the initial stage in luring a lady into sex can be all about psychologically engaging her. If that doesn’t work, you can always try spinning the wheel of fortune and burying your face in her a$$.

But honestly, if you want nice foreplay and amazing sex as a result, there are a few basic things you can do to get there. First and foremost, give yourself ample time. The majority of us have a long and hectic day. That is why you should not wait until the last minute to begin since you will either hurry to the sex or put things off until tomorrow. Second, establish the stage. This could include taking a bubble bath, getting a massage, or going out to a romantic supper. Finally, you can switch the scene entirely and cross items off both of your sexual bucket lists in a location where you can explore your alter egos.

Women’s Most Common Reasons for Avoiding Sex

A successful romantic relationship must include an active sex life, but many men frequently find themselves with hesitant partners. Excuses from your girlfriend or wife can be more imaginative or more common than you believe. So, let’s look at the most prevalent ones women make when they’re not in the mood, as well as what you can do to cure the problem.

I’m feeling ill / I’m suffering from a headache

We don’t know anyone who wants to have sex while suffering from a headache or feeling under the weather. Even while an orgasm might help a person relax, lying down and taking aspirin is most likely the best option.

But if your SO starts getting headaches every time you start cozying up to her, there’s something wrong. In that scenario, consider whether there is anything you can do differently. More crucial, talk to her and figure out what’s wrong.

I’m simply too busy.

Most of us have little time for ourselves between work, transportation, errands, and chores. As a result, most couples will report that a lack of time is the most significant impediment to their love life.

At the same time, many of us watch TV for hours on end every week and spend an inordinate amount of time on social media platforms such as Instagram. What is the solution? Reduce your use of Netflix, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Don’t pull out your phones and surf the internet at the same time. Spend quality time together instead. The link formed and maintained as a result of this will make it easier for you to have sex.

I’m completely exhausted.

If your girlfriend is fatigued, she will not want to play games. It’s never as quick as you imagine since she has to strip, get filthy, and prepare for bed again, or she has other responsibilities, such as cleaning. Do your share around the house to lessen her load and assist her in relaxing. She’ll want to reward you once she’s relaxed and her stress level has decreased.

Why bother if I don’t cum?

Most women find that climaxing on their alone is easier than climaxing with companions. Nonetheless, if she tells you this, you should reconsider what you’re doing in bed, and perhaps even watch a pussy licking guide. Following that, ensure she is transparent about her desires and indulges her fetishes and turn-ons. Why should your SO bother dropping her pants if she isn’t getting anything out of sex?

I’m Exhausted

When it comes to ladies, having sex after a heavy lunch isn’t always the best option. Rather than putting off sex until later, attempt to get your romp on before the big feast. On the other hand, it is fairly normal for women to feel less attractive if they gain a few pounds. This, combined with other issues, can make both men and women feel less beautiful, but you can show her that plus-size girls are stunning. If excess weight is a concern for you or your spouse, you may always try to exercise, focus on how sex feels rather than how you appear, or see a therapist if the problem is chronic and severe enough.

You’re Constantly Seeking Sex

Most guys are horny all the time, but if you’re constantly pressuring her for sex and she’s not giving in, you might need to back off. If she knows you want to get into her pants all the time, she won’t be able to avoid being asked for sex or will be able to begin herself.

I’m Tired

It takes effort to make a relationship and your love life work. Some once certain things will no longer make her gasp and moan, or leave her with goosebumps, sooner or later. To avoid this, you should not be afraid to experiment in bed or to attempt new things. Exploring each other’s kinks and changing how and where you have sex is the best way to jump-start your love life. Try BDSM, new positions, roleplay, or naughty talk: there are a plethora of things that may catapult sex back to brilliance.

We hope this was helpful. It’s also worth noting that individuals tend to blame others first. Be honest and kind to your partner before you fall down that rabbit hole in a dead or dying bedroom, and you’ll be able to sort most problems out.

Is it true that size matters?

Over the years, men all over the world have pondered crucial questions. Is there a soul in us? What happens after we pass away? Are we the only ones in the universe? And, of course, does size make a difference? Fortunately, we have over a dozen pornstars who are willing to express their thoughts on the matter. Porn has warped many people’s perspectives on sex, therefore it’s a good thing to see.

But first, you need to know that the average erect penis size is 5.2 inches or 13.2 cm. In addition, when it comes to girth, the average is 4.5 inches (11.6 centimeters). The figures come from a recent study published in the British Journal of Urology International which involves 15,000 men from around the world.

The pornstars featured in this episode are Richelle Ryan, Alison Rey, Nikki Hearts, Alex More, Chanel Santini, Rizzo Ford, Daisy Ducati, Riley Reyes, Leigh Raven, Lily Lane, Kiki Daire, Ember Snow, Fawna Fuller, and Val Dodds.