With most of us having at least 10 years of broadband internet access behind us, it’s reasonable to conclude that porn has consumed a significant amount of our bandwidth throughout the years. However, you may be unaware of these ten strange sexual fetishes. They range from mild to venomous and may reveal information about yourself and your fetishes that you were previously unaware of. Look into it and find out.

Also, please let us know if you found the material useful and if you noticed anything interesting. Perhaps you’ve even tried some of the more unusual things? Your experiences will be kept private unless you are concerned about being judged. Furthermore, sex communities are generally open-minded, and it always pays to introduce something unusual into sex life at least once every decade.

WAM is an abbreviation for Wet and Messy Fetish.

Wet and Messy Fetish, commonly known as WAM or splooshing, induces excitement by splattering enormous amounts of various materials on clothed or naked models.

Some find it visually pleasing, while others are excited by the sensation on their skin. Colors, textures (sticky, slippery, oily), and consistencies vary (thick, runny, creamy). On the internet, you can find both explicit and non-explicit WAM videos.

Yiffing or Furry Fetish

Do you find butt plug tails, cat ears, and full animal costumes appealing? Then you could be a furry and not even realize it. The furry term for intercourse between two furries is yiffing. The majority of the furry porn you’ll encounter online will be in 3D or as cartoons.

If you want to see real hairy chicks, your best chance is to watch live cam shows.

Although most individuals find this fetish repulsive, mainstream pornstars have adopted some aspects of it. Lisa Ann and Jasmine Jae, for example, wore fuzzy tails, and ebony Sarah Banks went all out with a foxtail and cat ears.

Looners or Balloon Fetish?

People who have a balloon fetish, often known as looners, like popping balloons. Others simply enjoy playing with them and experiencing anxiety at the prospect of them popping. Some people love blowing on them before sitting or lying down on them (inflatable fetish).

The fetish does not have to be restricted to traditional balloons. Instead, fetish sites of this type make use of condoms and various inflatable devices! Heck, they’re sometimes combined with latex, rubber, and smoking obsessions.

Cuckoos and Cuckooing

Cuckolding is simply the act of observing your wife or girlfriend having sex with another man. Of course, this requires arousal as well as full agreement. You may have heard of the fetish through the lately popularized name cuck.

Cuckolding is frequently associated with feminine dominance and humiliation. For example, the wife or girlfriend will not only fuck another man but will also berate her significant other. Going a step further, she would even ask him to lick the finished creampie. Maybe he should suck dick or get his ass fucked. Does that seem like a good time?

The dominance of Female Muscle

Female muscle dominance, an outgrowth of the femdom fetish, depicts a muscular, strong woman (bodybuilder) overpowering and subduing a man. This fetish can be associated with a variety of things.

Wrestling, toe licking, face sitting with smothering, strap-ons, bondage, and so on are examples. Choking, cock and ball torture, spanking, and, of course, fucking are all examples. If the sight of a strong woman piques your interest, you might want to go down this rabbit hole.

Foot Obsession

Here’s one of the gentler fetishes on our list. Foot fetish sex occurs in a variety of shapes and sizes. Sometimes it’s just the usual toe sucking, footjobs, and foot massages. Sometimes it’s dirty and messy feet that your mistress needs sucked and cleansed right away, you little grub!

If a simple movie of a photo gallery isn’t enough, you can indulge your dirty desires by paying a foot hooker to worship and suck her feet.

Feederism (over feeding)

A feeder is someone who gets sexual satisfaction from feeding and fattening up women. Why? Because he is attracted to huge women, sometimes known as BBWs. There are entire forums and porn websites devoted to this strange desire.

This type of porn, both free and paid, takes what Gorge Costanza did on Seinfeld to a whole new level. You can see overweight girls with large tits. Those do get fucked as they eat a range of dishes and desserts.

Fetish DDLG

This may have come late, but we’ll say it anyway: this is when things start to get strange. Daddy dom little girl, abbreviated as DDLG, is a fetish in which one individual assumes the role of a father or carer. Another pretends to be a child at the same time. Of course, this is a connection between two consenting legal adults, rather than a genuine father/daughter relationship with a minor.

DDLG is part of BDSM and does not have to involve sex, which we find difficult to believe. It does, however, include child-like behaviors. Playing with plush animals, pacifiers, specialized attire, reading stories, and spanking or other types of punishment are all examples. This relationship can be bidirectional; sometimes you have daddies and sometimes you have mothers.

FinDom is an abbreviation for Financial Domination.

Financial dominance, sometimes called as money slavery, is a fetish in which a subordinate male sends presents and money to a FinDom, or financial domina. Communication and exchanges might take place in person or simply online.

These kinds of relationships may include erotic humiliation and other BDSM desires. Going a step further, some people are enthralled by what is known as a “complete power exchange.” A subordinate person will give a domineering woman control of their money.

Adult Babies vs Paraphilic Infantilism

The greatest was reserved for last. Psychosexual infantilism is another term for adult baby fetish or syndrome. It entails role play in which the fetish holder pretends to be an infant by dressing up in diapers, baby clothes, or utilizing bottles and pacifiers. Sometimes the role-playing is calming and caring, and other times it is humiliating and punishing.